Earlier this year at the Fashion Week in Stockholm Oriflame gathered together well-known beauty bloggers, actresses and models and proposed them to create their own shade of lipstick for autumn-winter 2014/15. The result of this creative interaction was seven exclusive star shades that you can find in our new catalog.

Lipstick shades created by our star guests correspond exactly to latest fashion trends. Light Nude, pale pink, feminine coral and darker berry gamma – one can easily find the right shade for any look. Here is what Oriflame Creative director Jonas Vramel says about it:

"For those who are younger, I would advise lipstick of a more bright colors: vintage rose, light pink, beige, neutral, pale pink. You can add a little sparkle to lips - just a little bit. For more mature look  I recommend more matte lipstick. I think that the deeper the color of lipstick, the more pronounced should be a matt effect ".

One of the participants of this creative session was Valeria Grinevich, author of a popular beauty blog Skromni Beauty: «For a new series of lipsticks The ONE I wanted to add a color, which, in my opinion, is missing in the Oriflame collection: pale, cold, gray, without noticeable drift into pink or purple". And now we have a new shade in the line of 5-in-1 The ONE Colout Stylist - Exclusive lipstick - super-to-date and very interesting shade "Skromni" Beige.

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame Editorial Team