3 Makeup Facelift Tricks

Want to fight the signs of aging, without going through surgery? Then makeup’s your most powerful weapon. Give your face an overall more lifted appearance with our three simple tricks!

Sweep some bronzer under your cheek bones, across your temples and under your chin. This will warm your skin tone and create the appearance of a defined face with firm skin.

For an instant eye lift, avoid using heavy eye shadows under your eyes. Instead apply your eye shadow to the outer corners of your eyes, in a small upward pointing triangle shape. This will instantly open your eyes up!

For that final lift, try highlighting the highest point of your eyebrows by brushing them upwards. Define your brows further by filling them in with colour, and setting the look with eyebrow wax.

For a video click here.

Words by: Photographs by: John Buddee Hair & Makeup: Åsa Östergren