The Half-Up Bouffant

The retro-inspired bouffant is back! Think gravity-defying volume and ultra-feminine waves. If you love glamorous hair, then you’ll love this step-by-step.


Start by applying dry shampoo to your hair to give it a matte texture. With your hair in a centre parting, use a large curling iron to create waves. Be sure to hold your tongs horizontally for soft curls, rather than corkscrews! Then, once your hair cools, brush through it to relax the curls further. br 


Leave two thick strands of hair loose around your face. Then gently tease the rest of your hair at the roots to create volume. Secure with hairspray for long-lasting hold.


Brush your hair back towards your crown, smoothing over the teased areas – after all you want volume, not frizz! Gather hair into a half-ponytail at the back of your head. Twist and secure with hairgrips.


Finish the look off by reshaping the strands around your face with a curling iron. Apply a final spritz of hairspray.

Words by: Photographs by: Marcus Askelöf