Boost Your Life

Let our fitness expert guide you to everyday health and a massive energy boost.

‘To me, health is living to be 100, and I think I’m on the right path.’

So says Oriflame fitness expert Kaylin McClain. With her long, glossy ash blond hair, radiant skin, toned body and the posture only muscles can give you, it’s easy to believe her.

‘Beauty is more than having a pretty face, nice hair, nice clothes. Healthy is beautiful. Fit is beautiful. And a woman who has some shape to her is even more beautiful. And a little muscle tone is very attractive.’ Whether health is important to you so that you can someday kick back with your grandkids or simply so you can seize the day with renewed energy, it all starts with acceptance according to Kaylin.‘Accept where you are now and don’t make excuses.’

Born and reared in sunny San Diego, California, Kaylin is a living example. As a professional cheerleader for the SD Chargers, she had to be in shape. On an ordinary game day, she danced for an average of 9 hours – in a row. That’s what inspired her to work with health.

Kaylin is convinced health is the secret to beauty. There are a lot of advantages related to her health philosophy.‘There is scientific proof that your health affects your skin and your radiance.’

How do you boost your well-being without having to remake your entire life?

‘Set goals that are attainable within a timeframe. And plan for how you’ll reach them.’

Her best tip for success is to identify the pitfalls – in advance. Avoid junk food and tuck a healthy snack in your bag the next time you meet your muffin-loving friend for coffee. You can also bring your new, smart lifestyle to work. Pack a lunch with leftovers and add a hot cup of soup and you’ll be ready for your lunch meeting. You don’t always have to go to the gym.I could have woken up at five to go to the gym, but I just didn’t have it in me. So instead I’ll be taking the stairs all day and walking home.’

Should you bring your family into your new lifestyle?

‘You can’t force anyone, but you can encourage them. It’s important to share your goals with your partner so they can support you. As for kids, the best thing is to teach good habits by example.’


How often should you eat?

‘Most people don’t eat often enough. You should eat three meals a day and you should snack. The key is to not wait until you’re hungry. We’ve all had those days when suddenly it’s six o’clock and you’re starving because you skipped lunch and you think ‘I could eat a whole pizza’ and then you do. And feel horrible (laughs). You should eat at least every three hours. I eat constantly – every two hours.’




Kaylin’s favourite snacks

‘I go for nuts; I go for fruit, I go for a bar – whatever I’m craving at the moment.’


Kaylin's best breakfast ideas

‘Yoghurt with nuts and berries, sometimes a little muesli or a boiled egg with wholemeal bread and a piece of fruit. And coffee!’


Kaylin on supplements

‘WHO recommends between one half and one kilo of fruit and veg every day. Chances are I’m probably not going to eat that much, so yes, I take vitamins.’


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